Cashback and Coupons: The Future Growth Driver of the E-Commerce Space in India?

Many online shoppers in India today conduct extensive research on available deals before finally buying a product. And why not? These offers directly reduce the price of a product without compromising ... read more

US Chamber of Commerce executive: Why Approving USMCA is an urgent priority

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement looms over the congressional agenda this summer. Important talks between the administration and congressional Democrats over lingering concerns are ongoing, ... read more

British Chambers of Commerce slashes UK 2020 growth prediction

Reporter covering economics and markets. You can send me stories or get in touch at Follow Harry Robertson The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has today slashed its ... read more

Cannabis E-Commerce Platform LeafLink Reaches $1 Billion in Annualized Orders

LeafLink, the cannabis industry's e-commerce wholesale marketplace, announced Thursday that $1 billion in annualized orders are now moving through its platform. Since launching in Colorado in 2016, ... read more

Commentary: That unstoppable growth of e-commerce may be coming to an end

LAUSANNE: Many people probably assume that online stores are making a fortune, without all the costly bricks and mortar. But the reality is rather different. Many e-commerce activities are, in fact, ... read more

Mississippi River's record high water wreaks havoc on river traffic and commerce in South Louisiana

The Mississippi River’s record high-water season, which is stretching into its seventh month, is wreaking havoc on commerce and river traffic up and down the waterway’s 2,300-plus miles. The historic ... read more

Creating a waterborne interstate for commerce: The River’s Revenge

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Rick Lorenzen and other members of the Minnesota Canoe Racers paddle across the Mississippi’s glassy surface on the outskirts of Minnesota’s most populous city. About 180 miles ... read more

16-year-old dies after falling off moving car in Commerce City

A 16-year-old boy died Friday night after falling off a moving car in Commerce City, police said. Police said the teen was riding on the outside of a car driven by his friend near the intersection of ... read more

The NBA and NHL finals were historic for their sports, and e-commerce

In the last 48 hours, two of the US’s major sporting trophies have been handed out. In both cases, with the St. Louis Blues in hockey and the Toronto Raptors in basketball, two cities won their ... read more

How E-commerce is Reshaping India's Jewellery Industry

Jewellery has always been an indispensable part of the Indian culture, with its history dating back to nearly 5000 years. Although times have changed, the country’s love affair with precious gems and ... read more

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